Asher Brewing and Avery to Finkel & Garf and New Planet

2 miles

If you went to Asher and Avery, get back on the trail. You'll pass a pair of lakes on your left. As you continue you'll see big cottonwood trees around the ditch to your right – this is where you can see owls tending to their young in April. You'll emerge onto Twin Lakes road with a sign pointing Lobo Trail traffic to the left.

(You could also take the small jog to the right to connect with a path that takes you to a street called Idylwild Trail. This is a country-club residential area with no sidewalks, but it's not too bad on a bike. If you take Idylwild trail to its very end – even across the busy Lookout Road – you will again find yourself on a cinder path that becomes the Lobo Trail – but you'll have missed Finkel & Garf, New Planet, and the businesses of Gunbarrel.)

You are now on Twin Lakes Road, which turns into Williams Fork Trail. It's one of the least scenic parts of the Lobo Trail – mostly high density housing. You'll turn right on Spine Road and see a business cluster just ahead. You ultimately want to cross under Lookout Road at Gunpark Drive. You can turn right on Gunpark Drive to get there directly. But if you want to stop for a snack or a bathroom you should find a business in the shopping center.

Finkel & Garf and New Planet are one block past Lookout Road.

Whatever you do here, get to the underpass under Lookout Road, just east of the business cluster, at Gunpark Drive.

* Okay, we admit it. There are segments of the trail where there are cars. See the Route Overview page for more details.