Bootstrap and Powder Keg to Oskar Blues

3¾ miles

You have walked away from Niwot to the east. You're at Niwot Road and 83rd.

The only turn that's missing a Lobo Trail sign is at the baseball field. You should turn left (north) just behind home plate, and keep walking north along the sidewalk. The road is North 83rd. The parking lot for this park usually has a port-a-potty, if you need one. You'll walk quite a ways on the sidewalk fronting North 83rd, past suburbia and into rural farm land. When the sidewalk ends, you can cross North 83rd and it will pick up again on the other side. Keep walking. You will almost reach the Diagonal Highway (Highway 119), taking a soft right turn onto a long, straight cinder path with corn fields on your right and the highway on your left. You'll see many songbirds on the telephone poles above your head. Or maybe that's just because the road is so straight that there's nothing else to look at. Keep going as you cross Ogalala Road (a dirt road that served as a suitable detour when the Lobo Trail was washed out in the big flood of September 2013). Keep on for a long stretch. Eventually you will see the big silo painted to look like a can of Dales Pale Ale. That is your final destination. You can't quite get there directly. The trail will jog east and run into Hover Road. Don't go under Hover; this is where you get off. Walk north along the path/sidewalk. Cross the train tracks. At last, you have finished!

* Okay, we admit it. There are segments of the trail where there are cars. See the Route Overview page for more details.