Finkel & Garf and New Planet to Vindication

1¾ miles (1 mile)

You've passed under Lookout and emerged on the north side of the street. Keep walking east, looking for a left turn – but not before you cross two canals. You should now be on a concrete path with a canal on your left and houses on your right. Follow the path, deciding which house, if any, you'd prefer to live in. You'll come to an open gate where the path turns to gravel. Keep walking. There is another prairie dog colony on your right. You'll cross a bridge which puts the canal on your right. On the left you'll notice industrial buildings. Vindication is about the fourth building on your left, but to get there officially you need to keep following the trail to 71st street, go left, then take another left onto Winchester Circle, coming back around to the brewery.

There is a social-trail shortcut that makes this leg only 1 mile instead of 1¾ miles. If you are on foot, you will probably see it. But I don't think it's officially sanctioned. If you find it, pat yourself on the back; just remember you didn't hear it from me.

* Okay, we admit it. There are segments of the trail where there are cars. See the Route Overview page for more details.