Vindication to Bootstrap and Powder Keg

2½ miles

Since you "officially" went to 71st Street, return there and pick up the trail going east, which at this point is called the Cottontail Trail. You'll pass a neat farm house on the right behind a rail fence. Eventually the path turns north and you get an ever-widening view to the west. You'll come upon a nice bench looking at the foothills (too bad there's no shade for the bench, though). Continue north around some more turns. You will leave the subdivision housing behind. You are now in rural Boulder County. The trail crosses under Highway 52. You'll soon come to a three-way intersection. Bear left, following the signs to Longmont. You'll come to and cross Monarch Road. Just on the other side are some pretty ponds on the left with lots of fish and fowl. The ponds are private, but you can stop and take a look. There's also a bench just past the second pond if you need to rest your feet. Keep walking north and east until you come to North 79th Street. If you're bypassing Bootstrap brewing, then cross the street and keep following the trail, all the way until it crosses under Niwot Road and leads toward a baseball field.

For those of you stopping at Bootstrap, rather than crossing North 79th Street, you will walk along it to the north; there is a decent sidewalk on the left side of the street. Walk about 3 blocks until you see a business cluster on your right. Carefully cross the road into the first driveway toward the businesses. Bootstrap is in a little building on the right. When you're done, walk north and east through the parking lots until you reach Niwot Road. Carefully cross to the north side of the road which has a good sidewalk, and continue east. In a few blocks you will come to a park with a baseball field. You're back on the Lobo Trail.

If you're looking for Powder Keg, follow 79th Street to where it dead-ends into Niwot Rd. Turn left, then take your first right, a diagonal angle, onto 2nd Avenue. Powder Keg is 2 blocks ahead on the left. To reconnect with the trail, go back to Niwot Road and head east. Stay on the north side of the street. When you see the park with the baseball field, you're on Lobo again.

* Okay, we admit it. There are segments of the trail where there are cars. See the Route Overview page for more details.