Eleventh and Twelfth Breweries Added to Boulder Ale Trail

by Martin Mapes

"These go to eleven." -- Nigel Tufnel

No, wait, never mind... we're already up to 12.

The Boulder Ale Trail launched with the tag line "15 miles, 10 breweries, 0 cars." We've just changed it to "15 miles, 12 breweries, 0 cars."

The two new kids on the block are

Both add to the vibrant feel of Goose Creek.

Goose Creek is where it's _AT_

Sanitas Brewing was already open when the Boulder Ale Trail launched. We didn't include them because they're nearly half a mile off the trail, right as the trail starts. We always included them as a "secret bonus brewery" on our Google Earth KML/KMZ map, but a personal request from the brewery was enough to convince us to include them as an official part of the trail.

Vision Quest is the newest brewery in Boulder (that we know of). It's attached to Boulder Fermentation Supply, and it's practically on Boulder Ale Trail. It's only a tenth of a mile north of Goose Creek on 47th Street in Boulder.

We've updated our routes page with a description of how to find the breweries.

We also updated our large, graphical map with markers for the two new breweries.

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Cheers! And Welcome!

* Okay, we admit it. There are segments of the trail where there are cars. See the Route Overview page for more details.