Daylight Savings Time a Breakthrough in 2015

by Martin Mapes

Daylight Savings Time is an invigorating change. Sure we lose an hour of sleep, but those of us with office jobs can finally get some exercise after work and stop feeling so housebound.

Dilbert could use a little outdoor activity

But in Boulder, 2015's DST is bigger and better for several reasons:

  • The 10 days preceding DST weekend were either sub-freezing or snow days
  • The 10 days after DST are all going to be in the 50s and 60s
  • BIFF ran during DST weekend (it usually runs in February)

Not everybody will count the Boulder International Film Festival among the reasons DST is a big change this year, but for those of us who volunteer every year, it's a big buildup lasting weeks, even months, and then bam it's over. Regardless of what else is going on, the day after BIFF is always a big change for those of us involved.

I think we all can appreciate the other reasons. Not only do we get more daylight, but suddenly, it's noticeably warmer. There is less snow and ice on the sidewalks and paths of Boulder. We can finally get out!

Yes! Bring it on!

* Okay, we admit it. There are segments of the trail where there are cars. See the Route Overview page for more details.