15 miles, 12 breweries, 0 cars*

Boulder County is a haven for hiking, biking, and craft beer. Pick a microbrewery for your next destination, and leave the car at home.

The LoBo Trail, which connects Boulder and Longmont, showcases some of the prettiest plains geography in Boulder County.

What we're calling the “Boulder Ale Trail” is an unofficial extension of The LoBo Trail, beginning, ending, or pausing at ten of Boulder County’s best microbreweries that lie within easy walking distance of the trail.

The trail connects to urban trail systems in Boulder and Longmont, passing by farmlands, open space, and rural subdivisions in-between. The trail is relatively flat, meandering north and south along the foothills, rather than climbing up into them.

The trail is long, but easily walkable for mildly fit adults. You can also bike the whole trail, though some segments are dirt or cinder path, and thus not well suited for skinny road-bike tires; mountain bikes and commuter bikes will do fine.

Learn about what you can expect to see on our Route Overview page. Find the segment that fits your time frame on our Suggested Itineraries page. Or dive right in from our Maps page, with links to the large graphical map of the Boulder Ale Trail†, or a Google Earth KMZ/KML map.

Next time you decide to visit a Boulder or Longmont microbrewery, leave the car at home, and bike to beer, walk to beer, or run to beer.

† Boulder Ale Trail graphic map made with parts from © OpenStreetMap contributors

* Okay, we admit it. There are segments of the trail where there are cars. See the Route Overview page for more details.